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Gain Feedback directly
from the Market.

We share with tech founders anonymous feedback
from corporate leaders to mitigate the product-market gap.

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Some of our Corporates users:

Tech Founders should know how the market perceives them. 

Based on the knowledge we collect from enterprises, we present insights to tech companies. Data is anonymous but verified as a credible source.

We believe tech founders should be in control in order to build better products and communicate their value to the market.

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Got invited to Klever?
3 Main Benefits for you.

We don't build a database but an exclusive network.
Onboarding to KLEVER is an invite-only.

Got an invitation? here are your main benefits

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Gain Market Feedback.

# 01

Track views, likes and opinions on your product, team and vision. Improve your profile to improve your success rates among corporate stakeholders.

Corporates reach out directly to you.

# 02

Our corporate-validated users can chat with you. Only a corporate can initiate a chat request.
This means you get inbound leads.

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# 03

Your company will be prioritized in our search engine.

Our search engine calculates many variables to create personalized recommendations. One of the parameters is valuable and updated content. 

Why do corproates use
 Decision Rooms?

We believe when corps collaborate better internally, they collaborate better externally.

Decision Rooms™ are virtual spaces to make data-driven
decisions together with the corporate network.

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Corps Scout Directly
3M Tech Solutions 

Discover tech solutions in a personalized way and distill the noise.

Corps involve their Network

Invite peers, experts, advisors and stakeholders to share knowledge.

Corps get internal Feedback faster

Consult and gain opinions in real-time. Move faster via network intelligence.


  • Who has access to my profile?
    KLEVER is a protected digital network. We only work with verified corporate users, unlike data repositories. Our speciality is internal collaboration in enterprises. This means multiple internal stakeholders and decision-makers in enterprises can view, assess and comment on your profile.
  • How did you find my company?
    Your company was discovered via our system's search engine by one or more of our corporate users. We simply made your profile more attractive, visual and personalised to corporates needs.
  • Can I onboard or sign-up myself?
    No. To onboard to the network you need to get a personal invite from one of the corporates or the KLEVER AI team. We only onboard tech founders we believe can get value and can add value to our corporates.
  • How much does it cost tech founders?
    Our mission as tech founders is to promote other tech founders. Therefore, we do not charge tech companies. Our business model is subscription from enterprises.
  • I got an invite but need support. who do I contact?
  • What is required of me?
    Simply follow the onboarding instructions via the link you received. You will create / edit your private digital profile. Once updated, all relevant corporate users will be notified.
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