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Your Network Knowledge is Priceless.
Do Not Lose it.

Digitally consult with peers and advisors on tech solutions to empower, collaborate and de-risk.

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Empowering innovation networks worldwide



21 hrs

we save every week


Collaboration rate


More Brain Power
for your business.

Your ability to gain feedback from peers in your network will make the difference in an ecosystem where speed of innovation is key for success.

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Form Coalitions

Discover who in your network shares similar goals and interests in tech solutions

Consult with your Network

Consolidate network intelligence into Fit Scores to assess strategic fit

Shorten Feedback Loop

Get more opinions and knowledge in a systemic yet engaging way

Network Feedback Cycle
that makes you Klever 

Every event in the past should help the future to become less uncertain. We are advocates of Deep Tech. Our goal is to train our recommendation system to become smarter day by day and personalized for you.

Gain feedback from multiple stakeholders at once.

# 01

Consult with recommended internal experts and peers in your network, get more opinions and de-risk your next steps. ​

Our AI maps your tech digital network.

# 02

We harness Artificial Intelligence to make sense of your network data- companies, people, and sentiment.


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You get better recommendations.

# 03

The more knowledge your network generates, the better recommendations you get.

Recommended Companies

Get best-fit tech companies recommended for you.

Expertise Detection

Consult with the right people at the right moment. No need for middlemen.

Trend Detection

Discover sentiment and tech trends within your organization.

Coalition Prediction

Connect with peers who have common interest in tech as you.

See your Network Intelligence in Action.

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