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Involve your Stakeholders.

Decision Rooms empower peers, advisors, and stakeholders to be part of tech-focused decisions and improve adoption rates.

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Trusted Partners and Clients: 

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What if your organization could make tech decisions faster?

Pilots, investments, and M&As are strategic for your organization's growth.
However, long decision cycles, misalignment and lack of internal collaboration are the main reasons why 80% of them fail.

What if you can involve more people and engage with the right stakeholders to implement the right tech solution? 

The missing ingredient for speed- Collaboration

You are part of a professional network - colleagues,
domain experts and external people you trust.
Involve more people as Tech Decision-Makers and go faster.

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Decision Rooms
Your virtual space
to Connect your Network
with Tech Companies.

Decision Rooms™ are virtual spaces to make data-driven
decisions together with your network.

Anytime, anywhere.

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Scout Directly
3M Tech Solutions 

Discover tech solutions in a personalized way and distill the noise.

Invite your Network

Invite peers, experts, advisors and stakeholders to share knowledge.

Get Feedback faster

Consult and gain opinions in real-time. Move faster via network intelligence.

Why should you involve
more peers?

Still chasing peers to use CRMs?
3 KLEVER ways to empower them instead

KLEVER Decision Rooms presents an engaging data-driven approach to internal collaboration

Discover Tech Solutions the same way you discover music.

# 01

Empower any peer to discover technologies.
Our search engine was designed and trained to recommend tech solutions. However, we do it in a personalized way so you can distill the noise.

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Build Coalitions. 

# 02

Discover what you have in common with network peers. They might like the same solution or technology. Together form a coalition to de-risk and validate decisions.

Consult with peers to gain a diversity of opinions.

# 03

Gain more perspectives to make the right decision. Diversity and knowledge sharing will enable smarter tech partnerships.

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Overcome Platform Fatigue.

Engage also with people outside the platform to gain faster feedback. No sign-in is required.

"Leading innovators invest in building corporate culture.  Employee experience of innovation correlate highly with an organization’s overall success at innovating.

Create your own digital network.

How would you like to become KLEVER?

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