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From Tech
Scouting to Strategic Decisions.

Discover tech solutions in a personalized way and gain feedback from your network. All in one place.

Empowering innovation networks worldwide




Hrs saved weekly


Collaboration rate


Tech Partnerships are your Growth Engine

We build innovation networks and work with digital leaders across the organization. Here are our main innovation champions:

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Corporate Development

Innovate closer to Business Units and acquire strategic partners 

Digital Transformation

Drive transformations by involving more people in your organization

Corporate VC

Make strategic investments together with strategic stakeholders

Strategic Partnerships

Discover strategic partnerships and gain feedback faster from decision-makers

Decision Rooms
Your virtual space
to Connect your Network
with Tech Companies.

Decision Rooms™ are virtual spaces to make data-driven
decisions together with your network.

Anytime, anywhere.

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Scout Directly
3M Tech Solutions 

Discover tech solutions in a personalized way and distill the noise.

Invite your Network

Invite peers, experts, advisors and stakeholders to share knowledge

Get Feedback faster

Consult and gain opinions in real-time. Move faster via network intelligence.

One Decision Room replaces 7 platforms.

Scout, consult and decide in one place.
No more data repositories, spreadsheets or middlemen.​

Your dedicated tool for Tech Decision Intelligence.

One tool to rule them all.
Behold the collective intelligence of your own network
from end to end:

Tech Scouting

Personalized and collaborative discovery out of 3M tech solutions

Business Development

Gain faster feedback from business units and grow core business 

Process Automation

Collaborative process management to grant transparency to all stakeholders

Data-Driven Decisions

Make decisions based on the knowledge of your entire network

Discover Tech Solutions. Our AI will get you 60% better data.

# 01: Scout

Our search engine was designed and trained to recommend tech solutions. Our goal is to distill the noise via better perrsonalization.


Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Cyber software companies

Hardware & Robotics Solutions

IoT, Drones, Robotics and hardware solutions

Medical Devices 

Cardiology, vascular, diabetes, oncology and more medical devices

Biotechnology solutions

Bio-based materials and bio-chemical solutions


# 02: Manage

Automate internal processes and make sure all are aligned.

Customize your own process and manage partners, knowledge and progress together with multiple stakeholders.

# 03: Consult

Gain feedback from the right stakeholders.

Consult with recommended internal experts and peers in your network, get more opinions and de-risk your next steps. ​

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Consult with anyone you trust and gain more opinions.

Our search engine was designed and trained to recommend tech solutions. However, we do it in a personalized way.

Group 316125103.png

Overcome Platform Fatigue.

We get it. Directors use many platforms so how to onboard them to another one?KLEVER enables you to get buy-in from anyone. Engage also with people outside the platform to gain faster feedback. No sign-in is required.​

# 04 : Decide

Stakeholders' feedback will form Fit Scores.

Fit-Scores are dynamic scores based on the sentiment of your network. Fit-Scores indicate strategic fit and will help you to de-risk.

Why now is the time for Tech Decision Intelligence?

Higher ROI & Efficiency

Drive positive ROI by increasing growth and minimizing OPEX

Remote Change

Drive change from within by involving more people in the process digitally

Innovation closer to Core Business

Focus on "Must-Have" innovation especially in times of uncertainty

Governance & Observability

Observability is one of main tech capabilities to develop in the next 10 years by Gartner

Create your own digital network.

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